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1. One of the following led the Rani of Jhansi regiment as part of the Indian National Army of Subhas Bose

(1) Sarojini Nayudu
(2) Sucheta kripalani
(3) Vijay Lakshmi Pandit
(4) Lakshmi Swamanathan

2. Jawaharlal Nehru had started the publication of?

(1) National Herald
(2) National Gazette
(3) National Chronicle
(4) National Review

3. Right to Vote in India is a?

(1) Natural right
(2) Legal right
(3) Fundamental right
(4) Constitutional right

4. What does thev 108th Constitution Amendment Bill relate to?

(1) Establishement of a new Commission for minorities with a constitutional status
(2) Reservation of one-third seats in the Parliament and in the state legislatures for women
(3) Change in the name of Orissa to Odisha
(4) Formation of National Judical Commission

5. Which amendment seeks to extend reservation for the Scheduled Castes,Tribes and Anglo-Indian upto January 2020?

(1) 95th
(2) 94th
(3) 93rd
(4) 92nd

6. Who used the phrase "Un-British"to criticise the English colonial control of India?

(1) Anandmohan Bose
(2) Badruddin Tyabji
(3) Dadabhai Naroji
(4) Pherozeshah Metha

7. Who among the following gave a systematic critique of the moderate politicsof the Congrees in an Article New Lamps for Old?

(1) Aurobindo Ghosh
(2) R.C.Dutt
(3) Syed Ahmad Khan
(4) Viraraghavachari

8. Which of the following amendments increased the number of languages to 22 in the 8th schedule?

(1) Ninety-First
(2) Ninety-Second
(3) Ninety-Third
(4) Ninety-Fourth

9. The following is not true about the Kesavananda Bharati case?

(1) Article 368 contains the power and the procedure for amending the Constitution
(2) Parliament can not damage the basic structure of the Constitution
(3) The Golaknath case had been rightly decided
(4) Seven of the thirteen judges had signaed the summary judgment

10. One of the following does not constitute a basic structure decided?

(1) Republic from of government
(2) Supremacy of the Constitution
(3) Law-making procedure in the Parliament
(4) Federal character of the Indian Polity

11. In one of the following cases,the basic structure doctrine was not affirmed?

(1) M.C.Mehta v. Union of India 2001
(2) Waman Rao v.Union of India 1981
(3) Kesavananda Bharati case 1973
(4) Minerva Mills case 1984

12. In one of the following cases,the basic structures were described as systematic principles underlying and connecting provisions of the Constitution?

(1) Nagaraj v.Union of India-2007
(2) The Minerva Mills case-1980
(3) Golaknath case-1967
(4) Waman Rao case-1981

13. Under the Constitution of India ,which one of the following is not a fundemental duty?

(1) To vote in public elections
(2) To develop the scientific temper
(3) To safeguard the publc property
(4) To abide by the Constitution and respect its ideals

14. Article 21 of the Constitution includes the following?

(1) Right to trade or business
(2) Right to live with human dignity
(3) Right against exploitation
(4) Right to movement in any part of India

15. Right ti private property was dropped from the list of Fundamental Rights by the?

(1) 42nd Amendment
(2) 44th Amendment
(3) 52nd Amendment
(4) none of the above

16. The right to euality

(1) Prevents the state from making special provisions for women,children and backward classes
(2) Permits the state to make discrimination on ground of residence
(3) Permits the state to making special provisions for women,children and backward classes
(4) Permits the state to nationalise all means of production and distribution

17. The Fundamental Rights of Indian citizens

(1) Can be suspended by the President during national emergency
(2) Can be Can be suspended by the President during all types of emergencies
(3) Can be suspended by the President with the prior approval of the Supreme Court at any time
(4) Cannot be suspended under any condition

18. Which of the following is not correctly matched?

(1) Article 14:Equality before law
(2) Article 16:Equal opportunities
(3) Article 17:Abolition of titles
(4) Article 18:Permission of military titles

19. Right to Information is a?

(1) Fundamental Right
(2) Legal right
(3) Neither Fundamental nor Legal Right
(4) Both Fundamental as well as Legal Right

20. Which one of the following writs literally means "what is your authority"?

(1) Habeas Corpus
(2) Certiorari
(3) Quo Warranto
(4) Prohibition

21. The Writ of Habeas Corpus is issued

(1) By a superior court to the lower court directing it to transfer the record of proceedings in a case for its review
(2) In the of an order calling upon a person who has detained another person to bring that person before court and show authority for such detention
(3) By a superior court to a subordinate court to do something in the nature of its allotted duty
(4) In the from of an order to stop proceedings in a certain case

22. In which case did the Supreme Court take the view that the Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles are complementary to each other and there was no need to sacrifice one for the other?

(1) Golak Nath case
(2) Keshvananada Bharati case
(3) Minerva Mills case
(4) All the above cases

23. Which of the following does not permit awards such as Bharat Ratna,Padma Vibhushan and the like to be used as suffixes ana prefixes?

(1) Indra Sawhney v. Union of India
(2) Balaji Raghavan v.Union of India
(3) O.K.A.Nair v. Union of India
(4) Murali Deora v. Union of India

24. "To have speedy justice"flows from which of the following Article?

(1) Article 19
(2) Article 20
(3) Article 21
(4) Article 22

25. In Chameli Singh v. State of Uttar Pradesh,1996,the Supreme Court included certain facilities in the Right to Life.On of the following was not included?

(1) Right to Work
(2) Right to food
(3) Right to education
(4) Right to shelter

26. In vishakha v. State of Rajasthan,1997,sexual harassment of a working woman at work place amounts to the violation of which on of the flowing Article?

(1) Article 19
(2) Article 20
(3) Article 21
(4) Article 14

27. The following does not constitute an example of"beggar"?

(1) Compulsory social service
(2) Forced labour
(3) Trafficking in human beings
(4) Children working in hazardous factories

28. One of the following does not constitute a from of domestic violence?

(1) Sexual assault
(2) Hitting and fighting
(3) Physical abuse
(4) Social isolation

29. Khap Panchayats includes the following?

(1) Gram Panchayats
(2) Gram Sabha
(3) Panchayat Sammitis
(4) Unofficial village concils

30. One of the following is not true with regard to Sati practice?

(1) Burning to death of a women on her husband's pyre
(2) Raja Ram Mohan Rai got Sati outlawed through Lord Bentick
(3) Roop Kanwar commited Sati in village of Rajasthan
(4) It was banned in 1829,and banned again in 1950

31. One of the following does not match?

(1) Jawaharlal Rozgar Yojana-1989
(2) Swarnajayanti Gram Rozgar Yojana-1990
(3) National Social Assistence programme-1995
(4) Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission -2005

32. Which one of the following subjects is under the Union List in the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution of India?

(1) Regulation of labour and safety in mines and oil-fields
(2) Agriculture
(3) Fisheries
(4) Public health

33. The Constitution of India vests the residuary powers in?

(1) The Union Goverement
(2) The Ststes
(3) The Union and State Goverement jointly
(4) None of the above

34. A law passed by a state on a concurrent subject gets precedence over the law of the centre?

(1) If it was passed earlier than the central law
(2) If it was passed by the state legislature and approved by the President before enactment of the central law
(3) If the Supreme Court so decides
(4) If the majority of state legislatures so decide

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